I'm Matthew

I’m studying BSc(Hons) Web Design & Development at Edinburgh Napier University.

I have a passion for minimalistic user interfaces and clean designs.

You can see my Github here, and find me on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Below are some examples of my projects:

jQuery Mobile Health App

A jQuery mobile app created during my NC Web & Mobile Applications Development course. It was a health app based around healthy eating and exercise. It demonstrates features such as an image carousel, calorie counter using JavaScript, responsive image grid, expandable text sections and embedded media

Javascript Hexadecimal Calculator

A Javascript web application created during my HND Software Development course that carries out the addition of two Hexadecimal numbers and will have a menu that presents the user with two choices: prompt the user for two hexadecimal values and perform the necessary validation and conversion in order to display the result of their addition, and a quit option will display a goodbye message and end the program

Javascript Quiz

A quiz created for my Web Technologies module in 2nd year using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This was the first major project I've coded using manipulation of the HTML DOM to display the questions and answers, and using the Web Storage API to save a user's name and high score.

Android Mobile App

This app was coded in Java using Android Studio for my Mobile Applications Development module. It uses a modern, minimalistic design to give the user information on different types of coffee drinks. This project demonstrates the use of a splash screen with an animated logo, as well as the use of swipe gestures for navigation and the implementation of the Google Maps API.